Unique Plus Paris Lotion – 500ml

Unique Plus Paris Lotion – 500ml

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Unique Multivitamin Milk [NEW IMPROVED] : This rich, strong lighening, intense multivitamin body milk equipped with carrot oil amongst others, contains a various combination of natural plants extracts that remove blackheads, spots, blemishes, and freckles. It works on the stratum corneum (outer skin layer) to accelerate natural skin renewal by inducing a harmless inflammatory reaction that boosts the production of new cells which in turn accelerates to repair injured or damaged skin, and simultaneously reduces melanin secretion giving an even lightened complexion. Use daily for a clear and bright complexion. Directions: Apply Unique Plus whitening body milk twice a day on the skin after bathing with Unique Plus whitening bath soap. Mixing the Unique Plus whitening serum to the whitening body milk will boost its whitening efficacy.


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